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Now part of the SR Group
More than 30 years providing innovative and distinguished human resource placements
for leading NY Metro clients and HR candidates at every stage of their careers.
  • Maximum Expertise /
    HR is our business and our passion.
  • Maximum Focus /
    Arguably the most complex and diverse market in the world,
    New York Metro is our only arena.
  • Maximum Commitment /
    It’s not just a search to us. It’s a relationship that pays dividends.
  • Maximum Results /
    The right candidates at the right time; our clients pay for successful placements.
  • Maximum Connections /
    With repeat clients who refer others and successful candidates
    who become clients, our network continues to expand.
  • Maximum Flexibility /
    We pioneered HR interim placement in New York Metro and continue to find
    ways to allow businesses to enjoy the advantage of professional HR talent.

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